Sonic Learning

Sonic Learning

Sonic Learning’s team of health and education professionals is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their optimum learning potential. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Sonic Learning is an exclusive provider of the Fast ForWord program in five Australian states. 

Combined knowledge 

Sonic Learning’s team, consisting of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, audiologists and educators, is committed to assisting students of all ages and levels of ability to feel a sense of success in themselves as a learner. The community looks to Sonic Learning as a credible source of information on neuroscience based therapy and best practice learning and teaching strategies. 

  • Sonic Learning’s blog, Learning Insight, is updated regularly with articles explaining the link between neuroscience, learning development, parenting and education.
  • Sonic Learning’s Facebook page, Google Plus page and Twitter feed provide access to the latest news and learning research.
  • Sonic Learning’s YouTube page delivers engaging video content aimed at parents, educators and health professionals.

Experience and expertise 

As Fast ForWord works like a personal trainer for the brain, experienced Fast ForWord coaches are essential to student success. Sonic Learning’s team feels very fortunate to have been involved in the provision of the neuroscience-based Fast ForWord learning acceleration computer program since 1999 and to have been awarded the Scientific Learning International Enduring Achievement Award in 2011. 

They have had the privilege of seeing thousands of students benefit from Fast ForWord training at home, in the workplace and in schools, and have a network of Providers located around Australia. 

For further information about Sonic Learning and Fast ForWord, visit Sonic Learning’s website.