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Devon Barnes, Learnfast, Australia

Thousands of Australian and New Zealand students have transformed their learning and reading ability thanks to the Fast ForWord programs provided by LearnFast.

By using of the world's most scientifically validated learning technology, these students have enjoyed not only greater academic achievement but also improvements in their confidence and self esteem.

"If only there was a way to get into their brains..."

LearnFast was founded by Devon Barnes, a speech language pathologist and audiologist. Devon has worked with children struggling with language, learning and reading difficulties for over 40 years.

Many times during those decades when working with a learning disabled child she would remark to her colleagues, "If only there were some way to get into their brains and reorganise them, perhaps we could fix the problems".

Devon had read about the work of Dr Paula Tallal, a renowned neuroscientist. In 1997 she decided to travel to the University of York in England to hear Dr Tallal present the results of the early trials of a set of exercises which were to become the foundation for the development of Fast ForWord®.

The results were so impressive, Devon realised she had found something that could potentially 're-wire' the brains of learning disabled clients.

The following year Devon completed the Fast ForWord Professional Provider Training in New York and commenced offering the programs at her clinic, Lindfield Speech Pathology & Learning Centre, in Sydney.

Serving Thousands of Students

Today, LearnFast provides Fast ForWord to thousands of students and adults via schools, professional learning practitioners, and in homes.

LearnFast Team

LearnFast has offices in Sydney, Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has developed a staff of passionate learning experts who genuinely care about helping as many children and adults as possible overcome their learning and reading struggles, and to help every person achieve his or her potential. This passion is reflected in everything LearnFast does, from the people who work for the business, to the way the Fast ForWord programs are implemented and supported.

Innovation & Knowledge

As well as providing Fast ForWord, LearnFast is active in supporting the development of innovative ways to improve education for all, and in bringing the latest research and knowledge to parents, educators and learning professionals.

The LearnFast Blog discusses trends in learning, learning technology, education, neuroscience and treatments for learning difficulties - including auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, attention, autism and others.

LearnFast's Facebook page has an active community of people who are interested in the science of learning and how the findings from the research can be applied to help all those who want to improve their ability to learn and to read.

There is also a valuable source of video content made available to the public (mostly free of charge) via the LearnFast Youtube Channel which provides information about Fast ForWord and learning and reading difficulties, including auditory processing disorders, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia, as well as adult literacy development, autism and other topics.

For more about LearnFast and Fast ForWord, visit www.learnfasthome.com.au or www.learnfastforschools.com.au.