BrainFit Studio

BrainFit Studio

BrainFit Studio is a Singapore-based network of learning centers designed to build brilliant brains and keep them fit. More than 8,000 children have passed through its classes over the past 10 years accelerating their learning, building fitter brains, and achieving continued academic success.

Five Brain Pillars

BrainFit Studio has designed a total brain fitness training program that builds five brain “pillars”:

  1. SMART Moves enhances the Sensory Motor Pillar
  2. SMART Vision strengthens the Visual Pillar
  3. SMART Focus develops the Attention Pillar
  4. SMART Emotions builds the Socio-Emotional Pillar
  5. SMART Listening (the Fast ForWord® program from Scientific Learning) optimizes the Auditory Pillar

SMART Listening, SMART Vision

In May 2011, BrainFit Studio launched the first of its four BrainFit Classrooms in Singapore. BrainFit Classrooms provide brain fitness training in fee-based learning centers to students from 4 to 12 years old who seek to improve their English language learning. 

The threefold English learning course curriculum is aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s English Language Syllabus, brain fitness training activities, and the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant™ products.  Students learn via a blended approach including both instructional contact time and online learning.  Just six months in, students are already showing improvements, including an increase in school examination grades.

BrainFit Studio’s latest offering, the Brainy Programme for preschoolers, was launched in September 2011.  BRAINY SAM and BRAINY TAD are two modules which, using an early childhood education approach, bring little ones through BrainFit Studio’s hallmark SMART programs.

BrainFit Studio has eight BrainFit Studios and ten school collaborations across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The work of training fitter brains continues each day through these centers, with parents and teachers reporting significant changes and improvements in their children.

BRAINY SAM and BRAINY TAD are trademarks of BrainFit Studios.